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Set ANI *59 - reset


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Can we get this star code with a better menu instead of "This number can not be found"

Maybe it should say to Change your Caller ID please dial *59 and the number you want to change your caller id to

also can we get functionality to reset the ANI, maybe during the menu we have a prompt to reset Extension->Outbound number (ANI) or even easier a shortcut like *59*

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Well the question is what you want to reset it to?

Also in most of the cases there is a pool of ANI numbers to choose from. The front end shows the numbers in the dropdown (even 68 should do that), where this is a million times easier for the user than dialing *59 numbers.

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Reset to blank.

usually I leave this field blank. The PBX grabs the default ANI from the tenant level under general settings.

user needs to change ANI all the time. They like to use a local number to the client they are dialing.

but the menu option would also be nice, if they forget to put a number afterwards. It will give them direction that they entered it incorrectly.

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i almost never put a ANI, for the users extension.

Is this a problem?

as far as I can tell it works normally, the PBX gets the ANI from the General Settings, if the user does not have a ANI. but correct me if I am wrong. 

if its a problem, this is another item you can add to System Check. Check if Tenant has Default ANI set, check if extension has ANI set.

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