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Forcing codec selection?


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Hi there!

I've got a user who is having one-way audio issues with the Vodia iOS App. I've gathered call logs and PCAP traces, and as far as I'm able to determine, the issue lies in the iOS app selecting Opus/48000 as the codec, whilst the SIP trunk and the configured codecs for the extension are expecting PCMA/8000.

Outgoing calls are unaffected.

iPhone 14, iOS 16.2, App 1.24, PBX 68.0.26.

I'm not able to locate anywhere in the iOS app that controls default codec selections. Extension (and the SIP trunk) are set per our provider's requirements, which is PCMA, G.729 and GSM in that order.

At a bit of a loss and would appreciate any advice.

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Would appear we didn't have all the information. Despite being asked about it previously, the user has admitted that she’s using a (wired) headset with her iPhone (just the standard earpods with lightning connector).

  • If the headset is connected when answering a call, there’s no incoming audio, even if the headset gets disconnected/audio rerouted to speaker/handset.
  • If the headset is disconnected when answering a call, the audio is fine, even when connecting the headset mid-call.

Bizarre but we have a workaround.

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I've just tested on another iPhone (14 Pro Max), different extension/tenant but same PBX, and can confirm the same behaviour.

EDIT: Same behaviour on our V69 staging server as well. Would appear to be the iOS app itself.

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To rule out problems with the trunk, you could try an internal call. If internal calls work, it is probably a problem with the trunk. E.g. many have problems with different codecs for send/recv, or they get confused if the SDP answer shows more than one codes. You then could try to set "lock codec during conversation" and "number of codecs in SDP answer" to 1. If internal calls are not working, and you have already forced OPUS for the extension, well it would be weird. 

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