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Only existing extensions can be called


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Hello I have the problem that every extensions in out number block can be called and will get redirected to the Default account set in the sip trunk settings under Routing/Redirection. I want to set it up, so that only extensions that exist under the extension tab can be called. Every other extension should get the 'number doesn´t exist' message. 

Hopefully someone can help me with this problem.



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There used to be a pretty good option in the older versions where from the auto-attendant you could dictate what extensions could or could not be called. But this feature has been removed in favor of the far more restrictive Groups feature in recent versions. You might be able to do it under group settings but i recommend testing it.

You could try playing around with the IVR node To based routing match list, but you might have to read some official documentation or engage the support team for that.

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Ok for inbound calls, you can always use the "destination for incoming calls" in the trunk to set up complex rules. For example, if you want to accept only numbers ending in 23 and we and send them to 23 or 24, otherwise to 0 as a default. Extended regular expressions are cryptical but powerful and you should be able to do anything you need with it.


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