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I am using Vodia 68.0.30 in Windows. 

I try to provision Grandstream GSC speaker. Vodia does not have the profile for it. So I try to do the cfg files manually and put them in the pbxwebai directory, and point the phone to get the file from domainpbx.com/config.xml. But it doesn't work. It works on local if i got on the same computer. But if i go to the domainpbx.com/config.xml it does not. It sends me to the welcome page. 

Or how to add a new provision xml profile to the current ones?


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Look like an interesting device. Which model is that exactly? 

As a workaround for now, you can always just manually configure it. If there is just one or two, that might solve the problem. 

Alternatively, put the file into the tftp directory. Then the PBX will just fetch it from there. In the device, the configuration path would be something like http://pbx/tftp/your-file.xml. If you get it working we would love to add it... 

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I am interested in installing 30 of them. The model is GSC3506. Programming each one manually is going to take a very long time. I am afraid if I program manually and then need to change 1 setting, it's going to take hours. I was hoping to have the html server respond to http://domainpbx.com. Problem is that my Boot66 prov address is  http://domainpbx.com. I cannot update it to http://domainppx.com/tftp/ because the rest of phones will not provision properly afterwards. 

I am able to program the speaker with my XML files, but cannot provide it from the main directory of the pbx. 

No way to put a file in the main domain root folder?

Like i said: works on the system, but http://domainpbx.com/cfg###########.xml does not.



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It's a lovely device, and it looks like it is using a similar configuration like the GRP models. We have added it to the 69.1.2 and 68.0.33.beta builds — it would be great if you can try if those templates work for you. As with all newer templates, there is a general parameter that you can use to add additional XML content, e.g. for volumes and other things that we don't want to change in the default template.

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