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Web Portal - timing out client


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Hi All,


I have a customer using vodia web portal. They have raised some concerns that the browser is timing out after approximately 1 hour.


Has anyone experienced this and if so what would the cause and solution be?


- I have cleared cache and asked them to try new web browsers however getting the same issue. 



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It could be to do with sleeping tabs that a lot of browsers use now a days, you can explicitly define what not to ever sleep.  Or use the stand-alone web app from the app store, I have found this works better sometimes, when it comes to users and different org security policy's and making sure the user knows to allow access to microphone / speaker etc, the standalone app makes it somewhat full proof.  

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The other idea would be that there is some timeout on the firewall. The user front end needs to keep a web socket open for receiving notifications from the PBX, and one hour sounds like a typical firewall timeout. The front end should retry though to establish a new connection after a few seconds.

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