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transfer a call on Android App not possible?


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Hello everyone,
Following a request from a customer, I have just tested the mobile application under Android (Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G).
I cannot transfer a call, I do not have the interface presented on the page https://web.vodia.com/fr/android-app.

Vodia server version: 68.0.30
Mobile app version: 5.0.15

What should I do to transfer a call?


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With the native dialer we use now, it does not have any extra features or buttons like transfer.

That's why for other features, you have to switch back to the Vodia main app (either by pulling down from the top and clicking on Vodia call OR clicking on the vodia icon or from the tray, which ever suits you).

From there you can press the transfer button and then transfer.


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