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I'm having an isssue with Unicast Paging and Snom 320 phones.


I have a Unicast Paging group going to about 24 phones. The page goes out fine - a bit of a delay or echo, but I'm okay with that. Many of the phones do not hang up after the page is complete. How can we fix this?


Should I be using multicast paging? If so, I've been looking into that and trying some things and I am unsure of how to get it to work with the snom phones.


Thanks so much for all of your help.

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24 phones in unicast is a lot. But multicast paging in snom requires version 7. I think if you can wait a few weeks, I would wait with that. Moving to version 7 is a one-way street and it is better to wait a little until that version has stabilized. Also we are working on a new PnP for version 7, so that then a migration makes more sense.


If you are making very short annoucements, maybe ask the operators to hold the button a little bit longer. It could be the phones have a problem receiving a BYE before the INVITE has been finished. Very pragmatic, but hopefully a solution for a few weeks...

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I have the page buttons set up as a speed dial to 88, the paging account. Are you suggesting that I make it a push2talk button?


In regards to version 7. How long do you anticipate the wait? And if there is a problem with version 7, can we go back to the current software on the phones?


Thanks again.

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Push2Talk does not change the behavior on the PBX, just on the phone. It is just more "natural" to hold down the "talk" button while making a page annoucement.


Version 7 is available already. But I think it is difficult to get back to a 6.x version (probably tftp update), so you may do this on one or two phones and see if you like it. If you have to manually downgrade those phones, it is not too much work.

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