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Calee DTMF/CDR information


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Currently working with a client to see how feasible it would be to create a CMS reporting tool on agent call pickup.

I'm not sure how much development you'd need to allocate for this but i will try to detail it out as much as possible.

Currently they have a client list and they call into a dedicated agent portal, when an agent picks up a call they dial their agent pin/number in order to verify identity and that the task/call is assigned to them. Client then reviews at the end of the month which agents took which logged calls.

Where does Vodia come in? Currently i've been trying to capture the Calee's DTMF from the PBX and i've not been able to find any level of logs or API that does perform this function, right now the only work around is to use a local Syslog to try and capture the DTMF traffic from the Calee. Based on viewing the logs it's apparent that Vodia does capture the DTMF from both Caller AND Calee, but does not display the Calee DTMF inputs.

If we review the features from the extension Redirection page we know the PBX is capable of understanding and receiving Calee DTMF inputs, specifically the setting for "Offer special menu when call is answered on cell phone" which requires the Calee to press 1 to connect the call. The PBX however does not disclose or write this information into any of it's logs or API's even when filtering for lowest level.

Basically the feature request is for the PBX to provide information about the Calee DTMF inputs and not just Caller DTMF inputs.

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On 4/26/2024 at 3:56 PM, Vodia PBX said:

The CDR contains DTMF, e.g. when you use webcdr it will be part of the JSON packet that is sent after call. Maybe just try that and turn on the web client logging to see the content in the log?


The CDR contains information only about the callers DTMF (outside caller), not from an agent/calee (extension user). Would there be a way to send the DTMF info during the call as opposed to after?

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