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Snom & Key System


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In order to be able to use MultiCast Paging, we would like to upgrade to version 7 of the Snom software for our Snom 320 phones. I upgraded 2 phones to try out the new version, and I'm having some problems. I cannot get the system to function as a key system.


On the Version 6 phones, I have co1@btbjpbx, co2@btbjpbx, co3@btbjpbx, and co4@btbjpbx set as lines on the function keys of the phones. I am able to see LED status of the phones as well as pick up calls that have been placed on hold from other extensions.


However, on Version 7, I am unable to pick up a call from hold. I can see the LED status, but when I press the key to release the call from hold, I am given only a dialtone and the call remains on hold.


I have contacted Snom support for some help with this, and they are telling me that there isn't much they can do for me. Hopefully you guys will be able to help.



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