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I was wondering if there is any more documentation that what is found in the docs...https://doc.vodia.com/docs/login?_highlight=rawlogin.htm#troubleshooting-login. The system was recently upgraded and the regular login is now broken. Apparently, the welcome.htm needs to be changed or i read somewhere, welcome.css..but i cannot find that in the templates.

Is there a guideline to say what was changed for the old welcome.htm to stop working so it can be easily fixed to work again without starting over with the default login page.



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The customization of the login page is a pain point when upgrading the versions. Ideally for customization all it would take would be changing CSS and not touching the HTML, but it's still not flexible enough. Not sure but we might have to separate content into different files with clear demarkation lines to avoid stepping on each others toes all the time. But as of now, its about manually merging the changes in.

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