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Extensions beginning with numbers besides one


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Sorry if this is an obvious question, but I couldn't find anything about it on the Wiki. If i wanted to set up an extension which begins with something besides one, how would i do this (e.g. 291 instead of 191)? When i try currently to create one, it apparently rejects the numbers, because anything beginning with one works fine. Running version

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Well, extensions starting with '1' are generally a problem, as it makes it more difficult to come up with a dial plan that uses the 1 to indicate 10-digit NANPA numbers. In general, we recommend to use extensions in the [4-7]xx range, so that you can have 8xx for mailbox access and possibly 9xxxx for external calls. The numbers 0-3 are useful for the auto attendant direct destinations.


Your behavior is quite strange - maybe a license problem?

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