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I have been trying to get the Email WAV service to work, but I cant seem to get it going. It is possible to retrieve the voicemail from the phone so I don't think that theres any bugs or anything. On the extension settings I have the correct email entered, mailbox enabled, and voicemail handling set to email WAV. On the phone I also have the correct email set, and I dialed *95 and got the confirmation. I think the problem may be with the way I have the email server set up, but I'm not sure.


Running and use Snom 190, 320, and 360 phones.

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Not really, it's actually that my boss is a little cheap and doesn't want to spend the money to upgrade to 2.0, because in his mind as long as the phones work (which they do most of the time), there is no problem. I'm sure that once we get some sort of fatal error which had been addressed in 2.0 he will be willing to upgrade the system. Also he's been complaining about the lack of conversation for more than seven minutes when using the snom phones, so hopefully i can get him to understand that the upgrade to 2.0.3 will solve this problem.

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