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Running pbxnsip at home scenario help


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I am running pbxnsip at home on a cs410 ($5 a year on electricity) I am trying to set it up so if they press 1 for the wife it does a distinctive ring so I know not to pick up the phone since it is for her and it can go to her vmail. The only way I can think of doing this is if the press 1 to send it to a hunt group and set the ring tone there and only put her extension in there. Is that correct? I need to get more familiar with pnp and I have a polycom and snom phones at the house. Can I put in multiple mac addresses on the extension so pnp will configure both phones? I thought that was added recently. To take it a step further is pnp smart enough to see that mac address is used for both extensions and configure both lines? If not then I have to configure them manually which I would rather not have to do. Thanks,

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I did that and in the sip header it does change from custom1 to custom4 but the polycom plays the same ring tone. I thought it was suposed to send a bellcore message type. So the distinctive does not work with the polycom and I updated to the latest release. Intercom doesn't work either. The good news is the pnp did work on multiple lines AND across multiple phone types so the snom and polycom both autoconfigured to the same extensions. I will post the intercom and distinctive ring to the polycom pbxnsip forum.

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