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[OT?] conference recordings don't obey the "recording location" setting


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(sorry if this is off topic -- I've tried but wasn't able to figure out where to post this)


I have a pbxnsip server for different customers with each of them in one domain. I want to be able to find all the recordings of a specific domain. I thought this would be easy because I have set "recording location" in pbxnsip main settings page to include "\%m\" so wav are saved in sub directories with the name of the domain. However conference recordings DON'T obey this setting (bug??) and are instead always saved under "/recordings"


Here is my problem: how can I find all the recordings of one specific domain (or in other words how can I tell which domain a recoding belongs to)? Is there a way to force conference recordings to behave nicely and obey the "recording location" setting?


Here is what I've figured out until now:

  1. the name of the wav file is conference<pin>.wav
    where <pin> is the random "conference pin" the system assigns to the conference
  2. there exist some data about this conference in an xml file under /schedules (schedules/<number>.xml). Here is the meat of one such file:
    <emails>110 101</emails> <--- I think these are the participating extensions
    <end>1240563600</end> <--- maybe the end time
    <mpin>2291</mpin> <--- this is the pin that also appears in the filename
    <name>test</name> <--- guess :)
    <record>true</record> <--- guess :)
    <start>1240560000</start> <--- maybe the start time

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Recording the conference does not follow the general recording rules. For example, you also don't need a special license to record a conference. This is like the mailbox messages also don't follow the general recording rules, the recordings also have a hardcoded message name format.

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