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Is there any particular reason pbxnsip isn't listed on here? Or is that something you guys are working towards?


Well, it is a lot of work. Paperwork. We did the certification with Exchange; it is nice to be listed there.


OCS is changing fast. Not sure how much value the certification of an IP-PBX has here.

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On OCS: I know some other pbx vendors see ocs as an eventual threat.

What is pbxnsip's take on that?


Hard to say. Microsoft is a large organization and they need to generate a lot of revenues with a product like OCS. If I would be a manager in Microsoft, yes I would go for the PBX functionality and try to get this center piece of the market as well.


The problem is: the way OCS is designed it will be hard to get some core PBX functionality working. I understand that if you want to serve large companies, you better stay out of the media path. However, the way PBX work is that they are in the media path.

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Guest kevin

We are on the exchange page and it took almost a year to get on there but we did it. The OCS certification costs 20K via a 3rd party and we didn't see the value there. We exhibited at a Microsoft Teched show a couple years ago and one thing we noticed was the participants are the University of this or the City of that which is where pbxnsip would not be such a good fit since we are talking 30K seats and up. That is where OCS really wants to play. I think there is a good opportunity for us to work in conjunction with OCS and one of the things we are looking into is to talk to their presence server so if two people are on an OCS client call then the BLF on the IP phone will be lit.

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