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My ideal Agent Group

MarkW S7

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Ok here's what I would love if possible:


Call comes into our AA. Caller presses whatever option that takes them to our support queue.The support queue has 5 accounts in it all ring simultaneously for the entire duration of the caller waiting in the queue. After a certain amount of time let us say 30 seconds, We would like it to include our on call techs' cell phones. So caller here's nice Agent group music with looping statement while all support handset ring and two cell phone are now able to answer. If no accounts or even the added cell's don't answer then the agent group fails out to a voice mail account.


Any ideas? I've been trying many different combination's with ring durations, hunt groups, etc.. This call flow would be used in my office so if it can't be done than it's "ok".

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to include cell phones will be in version 4.0 (option to include cell phone number of extension if its added to a hunt groups and another option to include cell phones in agent groups)


a temporarily / dirty workaround now is to create an extension and under registration in the bottom by add contact add the following



for example: sip:19789781234@;user=phone


now add that extension to the agent group (or in your case after 30 seconds it should include or ring that extension) and anytime that extensions rings, it will ring that cell number

the problem is that if the cell phones voice mail picks up, the PBX will assume the call is connected and the caller will be connected to that voice mail box

which in my eyes isn’t professional

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