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Missed Call Display


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One of our customers has asked if it is possible not to increment the "Missed Calls" counter on their phones if someone else in the hunt group answers the call (as opposed to the Caller Cancelling the call)


For example;


- Extensions 100 & 101 are members of Hunt Group 200

- Someone rings 200, 100/101 both ring - 100 answers. 101 has "1 Missed Call" on her phone.

- She returns to the office and rings back the person, only to be told they spoke to 100.


This isn't necessarily a problem for PBXnSIP - but more a feature of Snom phones. Now obviously when a hunt group rings and sends out INVITEs, if someone else answers, the system sends a `487 Cancelled` to each unsuccessful phone. These phones increment their missed calls counter.


If someone rings the hunt group, and the caller cancels, I guess PBXnSIP sends a `487 Cancelled` and the Snoms increment. Now I am not sure at what point the Snom increments their missed calls counters, I guess after the 487 is received?


I think it would be possible to add an additional SIP Header ("X-Cancel-Cause: Huntgroup-Answered | X-Cancel-Cause: Caller-Cancel") - when this is present in the 487 - the Snom knows NOT to increment the missed call counter.


Is something like this possible? Is this a common request? It allows the user to differentiate between missed calls to a hunt group and genuine missed calls to their DDI.

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