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Setting up DID Trunking


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add the DID to the accounts you want it to ring on

and the other DID's add to the other extensions you want it to ring


here is how you set the DID up

go to the account you want it to ring on, edit it, after the account number (in the first field) put a space after the account number and type in the DID you want to ring to that account



make sure the trunk its coming in from, is

a) set up as a global trunk

B) set up under the domain you want to use it

c) you dont specify on the trunk "send all calls to"



if you need help, IM me.......


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I want to do exactly this.


I am being told I need to setup this at the SIP trunk level.

That doesn't sound right to me...Do I need to set this up on pbxnsip AND the sip trunk vendor?


Seems this should be simple but i'm confused now,



You should only have to add the DID number in the account settings for the domain (eg. the Auto-attendant, and extension accounts). The screenshot in the other post gives you an example. You shouldn't have to do anything with the trunk itself.

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