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How to setup Windows XP with 2 NIC

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We are using: https://www.pbxnsipsupport.com/index.php?_m...kbarticleid=437


I'm doing the "Solution with Public and Private IP Address" for the first time! ;-)


Anybody have what windows IP settings should look like?


I would just pay attention to the routing. Make sure that the default route uses the interface with the public IP address. Windows seems to prefer the interface with the highest bandwidth as the default route, and that is in many cases the "LAN" interface.


Also all that Internet sharing, bridging could be trouble. I would turn if off (not turn it on) at least in the beginning.


In Windows, IMHO it should also be possible to do the same setup with just one NIC. Because it is pretty simple to have multiple IP addresses on the same NIC, this could save some money. But I would do this as a third step, there you really have to be clear on the routing...

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Had this up for nearly 3 years.. on an Internal LAN..... on a second NIC with a SIP trunk to a PRI gateway on

and public IP x.y.w.z on 3rd NIC...


Local LAN phones register against the IP

Remote offices hit the Public IP

and a point to point SIP trunk with the PRI Gateway


We've posted notes in best practices for an XP installation...Of Course no services are running on the PC except the bare minimum...


Good Luck..

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