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CDR in MySQL not field Record Location


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To obtain the CDR of the PBXNSIP I'm using the method CDR to MySQL Database(http://support.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Cdr#CDR_to_MySQL_Database), up to this point everything is fine i can get the information. The problem is that in the Record Location it always comes empty, what should i do to in order to have access to the audio files path.


Thank you very much

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They way we are support mySQL will change in version 4. There we use the SOAP API as a generic interface to the databases. SOAP can be used to talk to a "glue logic" program that will talk natively to the mySQL. This has the benefit that we are much more flexible with different databases. Right now we can offer you a Apache/PHP solution that talks to the DB. Hopefully we can offer a Phython-based solution which is a little bit more lightweight that does the same job.


Additionally we will offer Email CDR. Email is very powerful and robust; and there are tons of tools available that can untimately put the CDR into your database.

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Exact the cdr record location is not available as a field for the cdr format.

If the cdr to mysql is based on the fields informations available here


CDR format


There is no cdr record location. May be it can be added with a specific field ?


PBXNSIP cdr2sql


The record location is a overlapping with the $r for redirect_dest. So we need to set $(record_location).

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