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DIDWW - SIP Gateway help


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I am attempting to establish an inbound truck with an International DID provider (DIDWW). Is it a SIP Gateway. This is the information they have provided (they assume I am using Asterisk, not pbxnsip):

USA 1:

Outgoing Settings

Trunk Name: didww_us


Incoming Settings

USER Context: from-didww1

USER Details:









Which fields should I input this information within PBXnSIP's trunk set up page? I am running pbxnsip version (Win32)

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Sounds like you should use the gateway mode and set the domain and outbound proxy to that IP address. I guess they also gave you a password, so put it into the password field; the user name then needs to go into the field above the password. DTMF is negotiated automatically, the PBX support RFC2833 (which is now RFC4733) and the PBX indicates that is supports it.

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