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Extensions not registering

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I don't understand why my IP was blocked and my thread deleted for asking a simple question on the forum. Is that how you treat possible customers?


This time, can you take some time reading my post before deleting it again? I'll make it a bit more formal this time.






I'm Leonidas a QA Tester from 3CX, and i've been trying to set up a PBXnSIP server on a machine here to try the software out.

In my attempts to install the software on Vista64 and a Windows 7 64Bit the installer showed an exception message and stopped working.

If you need logs / event viewer logs on this, i can easily provide them for you.


Now moving on to my main problem.

I have a plethora of phones available to use, i've tried registering all of them on PBXnSIP but none of them would do so.

I've gone through the documentation / google, but found no similar issues.


I've tried changing the passwords / auth id / username to 100. I've added an extension in the interface that has the exact same credentials, though when i attempt to register a phone, the logs say that the credentials were incorrect and that it failed to register.



Now can i ask for your assistance / ideas on this issue? Or will this IP banned as well simply because i'm from "3CX" ?

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Now can i ask for your assistance / ideas on this issue? Or will this IP banned as well simply because i'm from "3CX" ?


Well, you are obviously not a customer... I don't think it is good style if market participants are publically talking about each other products.


Anyway, your choice. About your question. The PBX is running as Windows service. Check the services manager if the service was installed and is running. Then you should be able to continue your evaluation. For Windows 7, there seems to be a hickup during the installation if the path contains a space character and you need to use the service manager to have it start up automatically.

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