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For many reasons this is what I am starting out with to lean pbxnsip.


I have a dual xeon 2.8 6GB memory raid 0 with 250 GB drives (can't get the raid to work properly but don't care at this point)


Installed a 180 day eval of Windows 2003 server Enterprise edition.


I am doing this out of my small home office which does have a static ip.


I am using a Linksys WRT54G router that is the DHCP server.


I presently use a hosted trixbox application that needs to keep running so that my present office VOIP is not interrupted while testing.


Once I have everything set up, and have decided that I want to switch to pbxnsip, I would get a copy of the 2003 server software, rebuild the box, purchase and install the proper pbxnsip version on the box, and put it in a data center with it's own ip.


Does anyone see problems with getting the pbxnsip server set up to co-esist with my present service or the migration path I am considering?


Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.

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