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Address Book Name of Incoming Caller not transferred to a Hunt Group

penta s.r.l.

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I've tried to play with the address book and I've found that the incoming Caller ID is not associated to the correspondant Address Book name if the call is

transferred to a Hunt Group.

Do you confirm this is by design?



I believe that all the Address Book issues should be better explained than it is,


Thank you.

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Just spotted this topic while looking for info on exactly this problem.


I have set up an entry in the Domain Address Book (Me and my mobile number). When I call in it is passed to the Hunt Group and so to the M9 handsets which display only the number (of my mobile of course). I checked the logs and the PBX is NOT passing the name from the Address Book. I can mix the incoming number and the name of the Hunt Group using it's configuration option, but I cannot get it to pass the name resolved from the Address Book.


If I read the original post correctly, this is by design? You cannot pass the names from the Address Book on with the call if it goes to a Hunt Group?


Let's assume that means it IS possible if the call is simply passed to an extension, but what nonsense is this that using a Hunt Group precludes the use of the Address Book to name the caller?


There needs to be another Hunt Group option to use the name from the Address Book instead of the number. Or did I misunderstand and this is already possible? In which case why is it not occurring?

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