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Snom 320 - Can't access Language Files


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After connecting a Snom 320 phone, everything works fine except for the language (it needs to be french).

Even if I change the phone's language to french (using the phone menus or web interface) it always stays in english.


Here is what I found on the phone's log:


[5] 23/12/2001 19:00:34: on_language_download: Can not upload >/prov/snom/gui_lang_FR.xml< from ><. Error >404<!


I found the file gui_lang_FR.xml on Snom's website, but I can't find out where to copy it... In fact, I can't find the "/prov/snom" folder on my pbxnsip server.


Am I missing something ?


Thank you !

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Any news about this problem ?


I have exactly the same when I would like to setup the SNOM 320 gui to french


PBXNSIP version pbxctrl-


I already tested with different SNOM firmware :






same result :


[8] 2010/06/09 20:59:54: Received request for file snom/gui_lang_FR.xml

[8] 2010/06/09 20:59:54: Error finding snom/gui_lang_FR.xml, Send back 404 Not Found


Any feedback is welcome.

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