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Can not connect to Cisco 7940

Bill H

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I have 2 Cisco 7940 phones and they will pick up the configuration via TFTP and work OK with PBXNSIP.


However, I can not access the web browser of the phone.


I can see the LAN IP Address of the phone in its display but I can not connect to it.


I can connect OK to other phones like Aastra and Polycom OK on the same LAN.


Any ideas???

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snom ONE has limitations on 3rd party devices. Just check how many are supported on your license.


Its a SOHO, I have 4 Snom desk phones and 4 M9 Handsets and one Cisco 7940. Thats only 9 of the 10.


Version: 2011- (Linux)

Created on: Nov 2 2011 15:17:35

License Status: snom ONE free

License Duration: Permanent

Additional license information: Extensions: 10/10 Accounts: 22/30 Upgrade: 01 01 2013

Working Directory: /usr/local/snomONE

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That should be okay. However, in order to get the Cisco devices working, you need to put their configuration either on the TFTP server of the PBX or in another TFTP server. In pbxnsip, the PBx was automatically generatng the inormation; now in snom ONE that part is not available any more. But if you google, you will find configuration files for Cisco and can change them so that they also register to snom ONE.

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