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Hunt Group/Redirection

Kelly Martin

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I have just started using PBXnSIP product for our company and am learning how to use it for our customers. I have a setup where I have X2 ext and a live trunk. I have added these ext to a hunt group. First stage ext 207. Second stage 208, and final stage voicemail to 208. I have the main trunk pointing to the hunt group which is 544.


When I add a redirection onto ext 207 to my cellphone and ring it it rings straight to 208 instead of the cellphone. When I point the trunk back to 207 it works OK.


The setup in Redirection is:


Call forward all calls to: (My Cellphone#)


Under Cellphone I have the following:


Cell phone number: (My Cellphone#)


When calling the extension in a hunt group: Include cellphone in the group.


Am I missing anything here? Or is there a work around for this at all?


Look forward to a reply


Thank you



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