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License Errors

Macfarlan Machinery

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I created a Hunt Group and tested it. Then deleted it and could not add another Hunt Group. I received an error that said"no more licenses available". I found the same behaviour when creating Paging groups, Conferences, Agent groups. The only category that would let me delete someone and re-add another was extensions. All the groups tell me not enough licenses.

When i view my licenses, I have plenty. This is an error in the application. I saw that when you delete a group it calls a web page dom_accounts.htm?delalias=xx with xx being some number. I refreshed those url's and was able to re add a conference group. Then i tried again and was back to the same behavior. It says i don't have licenses.


What seems to be happening is that the deleting of groups doesn't fully delete and the system thinks they're still there and you run out of licenses. What do i need to do for the system to truly delete an account and therefore truly free up a user licenses when something is deleted?

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Maybe there is a problem with your license. For example, if you created the attendant with the demo license, and then later got a "smaller" license, the PBX will probably allow the deleting (sic!), but not creating a new one.


There is a little trick that shows you what the license actually contains. For example, you can use the following link: http://www.opinionatedgeek.com/dotnet/tools/Base64Decode, enter the license code there. Then you can see how many of each type this license contains.


If the problem persists, please send the license back to sales and ask them to give you a new one.

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type: Office10

accounts: 10

acds: 1

attendants: 1

barge: True

callingcards: 1

cdr: True

colines: 1

conferences: 1

domains: 1

hoots: 1

hunts: 1

ivrnodes: 1

lowrate: False

mac: xxxblockingxxxxx

name: xxxblockingxxxxx

recording: False

salt: 432345

secure: True

soap: False

srvflags: 1

trunks: 2

hash: xxxblockingxxxxx


Here's what that page returned with a few fields blocked out by me. Our sales guy did have a demo license when he started the setup, then changed licenses. However, i should be able to have at least one hunt, conference, etc. I don't see any limit listed here for pager groups.


So am i to understand that we need him to get us another license? I would think the one we have would let us create these groups.

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Well, well, it turned out there is really a bug in the licensing part.


When deleting a account (except Extension and CO-Line), the license count was not decreased.


Workaround: Manually delete the corresponding file from the file system and restart the service. Well, that is not really an option.


Therefore we made a new version what should fix this problem.

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