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Some extensions vanished on a reboot

James Mahood

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I have rebooted version 2.01 many times but a recent reboot suddenly decided to reduce my accounts from 31 to 27 then later to 25. I had 17 extensions and the rest were paging and hunt groups. My license was supposed to be for 25 extensions. This resulted in 6 extensions being deleted! I feel strongly that there should be no code in the PBX that deletes accounts under any circumstances. Code like that if anything goes wrong can turn a small problem into a huge disaster. Imagine a large company or an ISP with thousands of accounts and something goes wrong with the license and the PBX deletes hundreds of accounts. Putting them back in could take weeks. Meanwhile the ISP?s customers will close their accounts and change providers. They may even change PBX vendors. If this happened to me it can happen to others.


1. If there is a license problem there should be a warning clearly describing the problem but everything should stay running for a month. Never delete accounts.

2. After a month the excess accounts could be disabled so they don?t accept a registration but the account must stay there. It should be clear on the list that the account is disabled and why it was disabled.

3. The user should be able to add accounts beyond their license that will show a warning that the licenses have been exceeded. They user should have 30 days to resolve the problem. In other words make the software more like a compassionate grandmother then a oppressive government police man.

4. And lastly never delete accounts.


This happened on a Saturday and it took me until Tuesday evening to get the license fixed.

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I agree that a (possibly temporarily lack) of a license should not mean that configuration data gets lost. And I believe that this should not happen. There is a function that disables the allocation of new extensions, but existing rows are never being deleted.


WHat does happen is that after a restart of the service the PBX is looking for orphan table entries. In that case, it does delete data. But IMHO that should be okay, because otherwise the database could really get messy.


BTW changing the license key does not require a restart of the system.

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You might want to review the orphan process. So either a licensing problem caused some valid in use records to look like orphans or something else did. In either case the deletion of orphan records is flawed because I lost some valid extension records. Right now I am afraid to reboot the server and only do it when I have some time to fix PBX problems. Life shouldn't be that ways :)

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