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Mailbox w/Exchange 2007


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Greetings all,


I just recently upgraded a client to Small Business Server 2008 from 2003, and with that, Exchange 2007. They have had PBXnSip with the CS410, and it was working before in where when they would get a voicemail, it would send it as an attachment to their email.


It does not do this anymore. I logged into the PBXnSip admin console, and noted a few changes, such as obviously with the new server, there was a new IP address for the SMTP Server, in which I changed. I also had to go put in a new receive connector, because I noticed the email wouldn't work, and I have done that. But it still won't send out an email with the voicemail attachment.


I am lost at this point, and I don't know enough about PBXnSip to be able to really troubleshoot this. Can anyone help? They have version of PBXnSip.





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Are you using TLS or STARTTLS in the email? If yes, you will probably have a problem with the certificate.


The easiest solution is to set Exchange up so that it just accepts traffic from a specific IP address, which works okay if this is a private IP address (no risk that someone from the public internet does something bad). Or just use a simple authentication scheme, but no encryption on both sides.

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