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IP Phone and pbxnsip server are in different offices


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We have a pbxnsip server in one of our remote offices. We unplugged and took one of the phones to another office.


We plugged into our LAN and opened up the firewall to allow all outbound and all inbound traffic to and from the sip server.


The IP phone starts up, picks up a local DHCP IP address, and even has a dial tone. But we cannot make any outbound calls. Need further guidance on how to make this phone work at our remote office.


By the way the pbxnsip server is not behind any firewall or anything. It has a public IP and is exposed to the public.

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#1-"dial tone" on sip phones is just a simulated sound. always dial your voicemail as a quick test if your extension is registered.

#2-are you working with a reseller? firewalls can be quite tricky and there can be all kind of issues here...


I do have a quick how to getting this going i could email if you PM me. but once again, there can be lots of bug-a-boos if your a newbie and some time with a consultant may help.



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