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get specific port on FXO to goto specific pbxnsip account


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This should be a simple one I believe:

for incoming calls I want a specific Port on a Patton gateway to goto a specific account in pbxnsip. Currently we are setting this in the Patton but i hate doing this. It is hard to maintain.


I got the bright idea i could add the phonenumber of the pstn line after the account number. (like we do for SIP trunks). But this doesn't seem to work. Should it?


so, to boil this question down:

What is the best, most easily maintained way to send one port of a multi-port fxo gateway to a specfic account in pbxnsip?



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If the gateway is able to send the right DID in the To-header or the Request-URI it should be indeed simple. Then all you need to do is set up a alias name for the extension and it should work. There is a lot more treaking that you can do (see inbound routing on trunks), but if you just want to send the call to the right account the alias should be enough.

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