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Need help with dial plan problem


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I have a line at Vitelity that starts with area code 702 which is in Nevada


I am attempting to set up a dial plan for an Omaha office where area code is 402


I tried setting up a seven digit sequence that will add (in the replacement section) 1402* to any number dialed from my xlilte soft-phone.


I have also set up a 10 digit sequence that adds 1*(in the replacement section) to any number dialed in this sequence.


In the test section this appears to work properly. If I type 5050001 it shows sip:14025050001@localhost;user=phone

The problem is that the call goes to 17025050001


If I dial 4025050001 it connects the call properly.


Both are in dial plan as pref 101 for the seven digit plan and 102 as the 10 digit plan.


Any help to correct this would be appreciated.

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The key might be here that you should set the country code in the domain settings. Then the PBX will present the dialled number in the NANPA-typical format, meaning always 10-digits for domestic numbers and international starting with 011. That makes it easier to set the dial plan up, no matter what the user will dial later (10 or 11 digit style).



You can see the PBX matching the numbers if you increase the log level to 9. Don't forget to lower if after the job is done...

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Looks like you were in the right area.

I did have country code set to 1 but I showed area code as 702 (since my actual number is in the 702 area code)

I changed the area code to 402 and it seems to work now.

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