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Automatic time synchronization

Alex Sergeev

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Good day!


Sorry for my English.


Please help me configure automatic time synchronization on the server CentOS where installed PBXnSIP.

I tried to manually synchronize the time:


but a message appears:

the NTP socket is in use, exiting

I found out that port 123 works pbxctrl. I stopped the service pbxnsip. After that I was able to manually synchronize the time.

What are the steps you must follow to set up automatic synchronization?

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There is a setting in admin/ports for the NTP server port. You can clean the setting and after a PBX restart the port will not be used any more. However, then SIP devices that use PnP will not be able to get the time from the PBX any more.


I am surprised that ntpdate wants to use port 123, usually the client just takes a random port.



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