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Guest mybusinessvoice




I'm trying to change the logo on my hosted system (version 4), i have my logo at 800 x 100 and ive put the address of the logo in the logo web link and it will not upload.



Can someone please explain how its is done.



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Guest Grenville

I am having an issue with White labelling Snom One Epsilon Geminids (CentOS32).


The white labelling was working in the previous version but stopped working when I upgraded.


I have the logo in the same place that i always have but it keeps picking up the snomone logo.


The logo is in the snomone directory. img/gombay_logo.gif and this is set in the appearance setting in the system administrator.

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The great flexibility with the web interface comes with the price that this area is not 100 % backward compatible. But you can easily change it; just log in as system admin, to to web appearance and edit the reg_header, dom_header and usr_header files to what you want to see there.


Where is Snom putting the img files for the PBX. I understood them to all be in /usr/local/snomeone/img


/usr/local/snomone/img is where I have my logo but the html code is referencing /img in another location. Where is that location.

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