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PnP multicast problem on Win7 x32


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Currently i'm testing SnomOne, which went very smoothly on my testsetup in Hyper-v with win2k8r2-x64. So we decided to create a demoserver for our customers, thats where my problems started.

The Demo server is a Win7Pro-NL-32bit machine. The server doesnot react to the Multicast from the phones, so no provisioning.

I have to put in the HTTP client user/pw and provisioningpath in each phone to get them provisioned.

The firewall on the server is turned off. I can see the multicasts from the phones with wireshark on my nic.


Can anybody please help me




Server: Win7Pro-NL-32bit

Snom version: 2011- (Win32) (also tried

Listen to sip.mcast.net: Yes

Bind to MAC Address: <mac> on the extensions

All Snom Phones, last firmware (8.4.18)

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Did you enable the multicast (admin/settings/listen to sip.mcast.net)? You can check with "netsh interface ip show joins" if the PBX listens to the sip-mcast.net address, which is

I've had a busy time lately, finally got some time to look into this.

Multicast is enabled in the SnomOne settings.

However whenever i start/restart the machine the join is not created. When restarting the snomone service the join is created and visible in "netsh interface ip show joins".


But still the server doesnot react to the multicast.

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@pbxnsip: thx for putting me in the right direction.


Problem is now solved, in my post above i didnot see that the wrong nic(Berofix) was joined in the multicast, by increasing the metric of the wrong nic, now the right nic joins the multicast.


This remains one question: Why isn't the multicast join created on startup and do i have to restart the snomone service?

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This remains one question: Why isn't the multicast join created on startup and do i have to restart the snomone service?


Yea, multicast is a little bit tricky if you have multiple interfaces. The PBX needs to open a socket for each interface, and for the multicast provisioning stuff right now it uses only one socket. Multicast PnP on a public IP makes only limited sense anyway, the only thing I can think of would be multiple VLANs. But in such well-manages networks I would definitevely recommend to use option 66 anyway and don't rely one something like multicast PnP.


Multicast PnP primary focus is on networks where you cannot set option 66 in the DHCP server (SoHo environments). They usually have only one interface on the PBX.

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