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Domain Issues


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Wonder if you guys can help, during the busy times we are having at the moment we are experiencing high volume of calls here in our office. But people are reporting it is hard to get through to us.


We can also not make calls when when we have alot of incoming/outgoing call. From looking on our logs it is showing this message.


"[7] 2010/12/10 10:30:19: System has already 9 calls, rejecting additional 1 calls because of maximum 10

[9] 2010/12/10 10:30:19: Resolve 2736: a udp 28138

[2] 2010/12/10 10:30:19: Call Reject: Too many calls (domain khpbxserver)"


I have tried to edit the domain to allow 25 concurrent calls, but it doesn't seem to be making any difference. Still the same above error.


Can anybody advise me in what is best to do?

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Thats a bit frustrating as I was never informed that there was a limit on calls. After decoding my license it shows the within the decoded license this statement


"true calls: 10"


Is there anything I can do regarding this?


Well check with whereever you got the key from what they can do to have a happy customer.

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