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sending calls to extension


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I currently have the following expression to send calls directly to the AA and the Conference Server. I have another DID that needs to go an extension. What expression do I need to create to keep the existing routing while sending all calls from the new DID to extension 500?


Current Expression:


!+19543767319!701! 700






New Extension




Where can I read more information about this?

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!([0-9]{3}$)!\1!t!700 not sure if 700 is your AA? you can change that.


This example always uses the last 3 digits for example 19543767319= 7319 of the number, regardless of how long the number is.

This example assumes that the number of digits is always the same.



Here's what I currently have in the send to extension field. It's still sending the 7319 number to 701 (the conference server) and sending 3180 to 700 (the AA), but not sending 2067450870 to 500. Any ideas?




!+19543767319!701! !([0-9]{3}$)!\1!t!700

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If you want to use "+", you need to escape it (e.g. "\+"). Extended regular expression...


Also keep in mind that the PBX will run the presented number through the country code normalization process, and then it will return it with the + in the beginning. But the +1xxx seems to be in the right format.

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