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like to send a group of numbers to a certain trunk


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I'm not sure I'm getting my head around regular expressions.

We would like to send a group of numbers (lets say about 15 of them) to a certain trunk.


But since someone could type them in 3 different ways:

17177335300 or 7177335300 or 7335300


we would need 3 lines in dialplan looking something like:







We thought if we could just match the last 7 of what they dial. (instead of all the examples which match the beginning)

How would we do this?

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but now if some one dials just 7335300 it wont catch it.


and i just tested..

neither will that rule catch if someone dial 17177335300.


Well then you should use something like "xxx7335300|7335300"? Also, make sure that you specify the country code so that 17177335300 (user input) gets translated into 7177335300.

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