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"Listen In" to a trunk to autoattend call?


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Right now thats not possible, you can only listen to calls from extensions. What you can do though is to record all phone calls to the AA, either write it to the file system or have the system call you.


Interesting idea though. AA may be one thing, but listening to people talking to my/other mailboxes and to ACD sound a lot more interesting. Permission concept is the key here!

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yes, vm, acd, aa would be nice.


Once thing about these forum chats--I appreciate them, but I never know what is passing comment like "wahoo!that would be cool" and "that is going on the roadmap".


Is there a feature roadmap for snom ONE?

(even nda, so we know where we are headed. not looking for blog content here)


Once again, thanks for engaging.


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