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Custom XML for ONE phone


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We are using the multi-tennat version of PBXnSIP ( (now snomone)


We were having a number of users complain that they were too loud to the other party or were getting echos when calling PTSN numbers so we used the snom_320_custom.xml file and over-rode the hand-set mic gain on all of the phones attached to the system, that worked great and took care of the volume and echo issues we were having.



Now we have a new customer using the system who is a very soft-spoken person (almost sounds like wispering even talking in-person) and we are getting complaints that people on the other end cant hear them, so we want to crank the gain up on her phone, but ONLY her phone.


Because in the custom file we left the setting in RW mode we can log into the phone's web page and change it but it is lost as soon as the device reboots and we are back to square one...


I cant for the life of me find a way to over-ride the custom file for a specific phone anywhere, with the loss of the old knowledge base and the wiki being next to useless and the search on the forums being about as good I cant find anything on how to do this.


I tried manually editing the provisioning file in the generated folder for her extension but the software overwrote the file the next time a provision attempt was made.


We dont want to upgrade to the newer snom-one software as of yet because of issues its having


The phones are all using the HTTP provisioning method since the devices are not on the same network so any method of doing this needs to work with the HTTP provision system.


So to summarize, what we are looking for is:

- A way to specifically override a setting on just ONE phone using the http provision system

- this setting is already being set by the snom_320_custom.xml file to a different value

- the method must override the setting from the snom_320_custom.xml file

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The way to do that is go take that phone out of the standard provisioning right from the first file. You can use the files in the "generated" directory as the template for those files, but you will have to rename them (so that they include the MAC). Usually the phones request a file with the name "snom370-000413123456.htm" or so, and if you have that file in the tftp directory that's where it starts. In that file you have to change the links as well, so that it will then take the other files out of the tftp directory as well.


It is not very convenient, we are working on the possibility to customize the pnp pages also per domain and per extension, so that such a change would be a trivial task one day.

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