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Unusual Trouble

Bill H

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Our PBXnSIP has been in operation for 2 to 3 years now and very well for the past few months.



We are using Windows Version


However, we have begun to experience a recurring and unusual trouble lately.


Phones can not re-register and then drop into "No Service". (as expected with no registration)


I can not connect to the PBXnSIP web browser.


It seems that calls in progress are not disconnected.


The computer running PBXnSIP is not affected at all.


If I stop the PBXnSIP service and re-start it everything is OK for a week or some random time and then it goes out again.


I can not stop it from running through the "Services" admin program. It tries, but it takes a long time and gives up.

I have to use the Windows Task Manager "Processes" tab and then the "End Process" button to stop it.


Since the PBXnSIP service is still running during the outage I think that PBXnSIP may be loosing its ability to communicate with outside devices.



I know this is not a large amount of information, but have you either heard of or experienced this condition?



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That almost looks like the process is slowly running out of memory. You could switch to the 64-bit version or at least check if you have too many CDR in your system. After a restart, yo ushould check the status page of the PBX and see if there is an unusual igh number of CDR or memory.



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I've also seen where a slow or non responsive DNS server will kill the process on 3.4.xx

If the ITSP only has a single IP address, then I would built the trunk and proxy to the IP address.

I might also consider making a HOST file entry to the proxy.


Also as a test, I would set all services to manual and restart,


Is the PBX Public facing? If so be sure to remove FILE/PRINT from that IP....

Put the the gateway on the LAN IP...

Make a static and persistent route to the ITSP out the PBX WAN IP gateway...

Is this a windowsXP or server platform?


WIRESHARK create a custom filter promiscous more... TCP PORT 5060 to view all registrations.


We are seeing an alarming amount of SIP attempts from the Washington State area, RACK SPACE too...


Good Luck...

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Thank you all for your responses.


I will try each one out and see if the trouble goes away or can be traced.


The trouble also occurs when we are closed. (evenings)


When we arrive in the AM the system is down.

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