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for a specific ext. can I set maximum call lenght?


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i know that the max. call length can be set globally.

Can i set 1 ext. to a very short call length?


Use case: sometimes calls to the PA unit do not get hung up (for whatever reason)

Can I set the calls to pa unit (snom pa1) to "hang up" after 2 minutes?

(Either in the pa1 or in snom ONE)


In the one case we caught it in the act, pressing the X key (via the web) hung it up.


We could blame users, but I'm a little suspicios it is actually the snom Pa1.

It doesn't happen often, but enough to

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On the PBX, you can't do that, at least right now. Maybe it makes more sense to do that on the PA1, because when communication gets lost and the PA1 keeps the call on forever, you will not be able to page ever again until the reboot of the PA1.


To put it another way, both sides must have a mechanism to clear the call eventually. The PBX has it, the PA1 does not have it yet and it needs to be added.

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In answer to your first paragraph: I am very aware of this, (that no one else will be able to page)that why i asked the question.


I'm not looking for theoretics:

How do we make it so the PA1 automatically hangs up any call longer than a minute?


(we have a customer that is getting very frustrated at all the PA1 antics: randomly doesn't hang up, several units that would lock up after a day in service, new units that come with beta firmware...;-) (that tired smiley is mine, not customers.)

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