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Snom300 individual 3-6 buttons

Alex Sergeev

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Good day!


Please help to resolve problem. Our Snom 300 users can not program 3-6 keys.


PBXnSIP -, Snom300 - 8.4.18.


We have xml-file snom_300_fkeys.xml to configure the phone function keys as follows:



{if_button dnd none}

<fkey idx="dnd" context="active" perm="RW">{enum_button dnd button+dnd private=line}</fkey>

{fi_button dnd none}{if_button 1 none}

<fkey idx="0" context="active" perm="RW">{enum_button 1 button+1 private=line}</fkey>

{fi_button 1 none}{if_button 2 none}

<fkey idx="1" context="active" perm="RW">{enum_button 2 button+2 private=line}</fkey>

{fi_button 2 none}

<fkey idx="2" context="active" perm="RW">{parameter snom_button3}</fkey>

<fkey idx="3" context="active" perm="RW">{parameter snom_button4}</fkey>

<fkey idx="4" context="active" perm="RW">{parameter snom_button5}</fkey>

<fkey idx="5" context="active" perm="RW">{parameter snom_button6}</fkey>



These settings are globally on PnP-page. How do I change the line:


<fkey idx="5" context="active" perm="RW">{parameter snom_button6}</fkey>


so the extension-user can configure this key individual over a global setting?

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You could either take the line out completely, then the user can configure the phone locally (on the phone).


Or you change the button 6 line the buttons 1/2, so that the user can use the web interface of the PBX to set the button up:


{if_button 6 none}

<fkey idx="5" context="active" perm="RW">{enum_button 6 button+6 private=line}</fkey>

{fi_button 6 none}


However those changes apply to all users then and all users must set up the button.

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Does anyone know what it is: {enum_button 6 button+6 private=line}?


Can I write the following:

{if_button 5 none}

<fkey idx="4" context="active" perm="RW">{enum_button 6 button+6 private=transfer}</fkey>

{fi_button 5 none}{if_button 6 none}

<fkey idx="5" context="active" perm="RW">{enum_button 6 button+6 private=mute}</fkey>

{fi_button 6 none}


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