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Who are you gonna call...


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Well, certainly not Ghost Busters.


In fact I'd quite like to contact a forum admin because something is not working correctly (some of my posts are not appearing in 'My Content'), but to whom are we supposed to report such errors? I can't find any links anywhere to do this. I tried one of the Snom support profiles (pbxnsip) and although invited to send a message, it just results in an error saying they can't receive any more messages.


I'll avoid the obvious jibe about Snom not even able to manage their own support forum (oops, I just made it:-) and just ask that someone explain how to report such problems.

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Well honestly, we are not masterminds when it comes to operating forums... (focus on the VoIP stuff). It is not secret we are using Invision Power, maybe they also have some bugs in their software ;) . I know that other users are able to attach files as long as they are not too long. Otherwise, send an email to support@pbxnsip.com, this email still works and maybe also point out which other email addresses faulted.

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I am assuming that you looked at the drop-down with options(there are 3 options) to select what you want to see on "My Content" page.

Oh yes. If I select to view 'All Topics I've started or posted to', there is at least one Topic to which I've posted several times (specifically the Service Flags in Dial Plans to which pbxnsip just replied) that is NOT listed. If I select to view 'All my posts', then my posts to that Topic (and maybe others) are not displayed.


If I click the 'View New Content' link at the top, then that Topic IS the only one shown, so it does seem to know I have posted to it, so why is this Topic not displayed in the 'My Content' list?

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