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Forward all calls - Redirect vs. *71


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A customer wants to have a button on his snom 320 to enable/disable call forwarding of all calls to his mobile phone when he leaves his office (he wants to be reached all time of the day). Also calls coming in through a hunt group should be forwarded.


What is the best way to achieve this, Redirect on the phone or star code *71? I think that assigning Redirect to a button on the phone has the advantages that the lamp is lit when call forwarding is enabled and that you can use the same button to deactivate it.


Thanks in advance,



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The snom phones use CSTA for this, this is called "as-feature-event". If he is using PnP and uses the redirection menu of the phone, it should happen all automatic. Disadvantage: He needs to enter the cell phone number over and over again. The same CSTA is also used for DND, which is not the solution here because DND will also inhibit the forking to the cell phone.


Maybe you should tell him that he can already have the cell phone forking today where the forking to the cell phone is delayed by a few seconds, which should have practically the same effect as the redirection and where he does not have to enter anything on the phone before going home.



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