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fwd all calls CDR issue


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I am still running


I noticed a strange behavior today and I am not sure if its a bug or if there is something I am missing.


I have an multiple extensions set up as DID's, and are redirecting back out to PSTN using the "fwd all calls" section.


If a call comes in to one of my extensions and redirects back out but this call is not answered, I have noticed that the Redirected{$r}, Account{$R} and Answered{$C} fields do not always get populated in my CDR's (format - file:disk). ...and actualy in the call log screen of the web interface, the redirect and durations are missing sporadically as well.


I have made several test calls and this appears to only work properly about 1 out of every 4-5 calls. The length of the ring duration doesn't seem to matter either.


The result is obviously a bunch of cdrs showing no answer and some showing no answer, redirected to xxx-xxx-xxxx. Makes things very confusing


Is there some scenario/setting that I am not thinking of that is causing this behavior or is it just a bug?




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In version 3 we tried to make everyone happy with one type of CDR... That obviously failed. That is why in version 4 we split the CDR up into three categories: The trunk CDR (which is essentially what plain people would understand as CDR as this is about billing for minutes on trunks), the extension CDR (what people would see a as a log of the phones missed, placed and taken calls) and the account CDR (which is essentially important to see what happened to a call in the ACD). Obviously I would recommend to planto migrate to version 4 to take advantage of this clear structure.


Though the concept in version 3 is different, it should be consistent. Maybe you should (also) write them to a CSV file on the file system to rule out that you are missing CDR because of instable TCP connections or something like that.

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