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remote voicemail setup


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They're 2 methods to achieve this.


Method 1.You can assign your clients cell phone # in the "redirection tab" located in the extension level, you must activate "Offer personal virtual assistant" as well. The last step will be to turn off "Offer Camp On" in the domain settings to "off"

The client will have the ability to call into the system "Via Cell phone" and have a special greeting from the AA from here they will be able to change there pin, voice-mail and add a new greeting as well.


Method 2. If they are calling from a pstn line they would have to call into the pbxs main-number, dial there own extension and wait until there mailbox picks up and then the user must press *


Note: Once the mailbox picks up you need not wait for it to play the whole message you can press * after 1-2 seconds.

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