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Call routing by CID


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Right now there are some specific method implemented, I can think of the detection of calls from cell phones (associated with extensions) and when a caller calls into a agent group it may route the call to the agent that spoke with the person last time.


We have the pattern "t" in the routing area for the trunk already. Thinking about it, it makes so much sense to include a "f" field there as well (and it is so easy), we'll include in the next version!

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do you have implemented this feature in the last update (2011- ?


it will be more user-friendly to add a sub-menu under the trunk edit:




Priority Field    Match            Replacement  
-------- -------  ---------------  -------------
1        From     ^4122.*          300           
2        From     ^4121.*          400          
3        To       .*               800            


Best regards

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Yes, it is part of the .4025 version. But currently there is no fancy menu :). It is very similar to how you use "To" or "Request-URI" based routing.


So you can use this string in the "Send Call to Extension" to achieve what you want to do

!(4122[0-9]*)!\1!f!300 !(4121[0-9]*)!\1!f!400 !([0-9]*)!\1!t!800

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