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Suntgrouptsion to external number


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I am trying to have a hunt group make concurrent calls to either an extension that is redirected to to an external number, or make a direct call via dial plans to an external number.


I have tried in a redirection to a cell phone or to forward all calls to any number, but that extension never is called. Other internal registered numbers ring but not anything external.


Is there any way to make this happen?


If I call this extension or dial plan outside of a Hunt group the calls work. If I put this extension in the Final of the Hunt Group it works.


Basically I want my registered SIP phone or my cell phone or another unregistered SIP phone to ring concurrently.





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When a hunt goup is calling the extension, it does not use the auto attendant to do this (the auto attendant also calls the cell phone). This was done by intention - if a hunt group would also call the cell users would not use the cell feature as they would get called for every group call. BTW the same is the case for call redirect on busy/timeout/always, the hunt group does not follow those redirections.


There is a trick that you can use to make the PBX call the cell phone all the time: Add a static registration with the SIP address of the gateway (e.g. sip:2121234567@ip-of-gateway). Then the PBX will send absolutely every call to the cell phone. But be careful with this feature: If you have a large hunt group, every call to that group will send a lot of new calls to your gateway.

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Sorry for not understanding your suggestion. "When a hunt goup is calling the extension, it does not use the auto attendant to do this " doesn't make sense to me. I am new to PBXnSIP. Some of the terminolgy is not the same as I am familiar with.


If a call comes to the AA, and when the "user input" matches a Direct Destinations value my understanding is the "destination" is then used. This could be an Extension, Hunt Group, or other.


My desire is to have the system make multiple phones ring when a caller enters the "user input" value.



1. Caller calls a number that rings into an AA. They enter 123.

2. During Office hours I want a registered SIP phone, a cell (or any external PSTN number), and an external Unregistered SIP phone to concurrently ring. If there is no answer I want a message left in a specific user mailbox 222.

3. If it is after Office hours I do not want any phones to ring. I want a message left in user mailbox 222.


My business requirements for this is: After business hours I don't want my phones to ring if a call comes into the AA and it is for me. I just want a message left in my MB. During business hours I want multiple phone to ring concurrently and if no answer I want the message left in my MB. If a call comes into my private line I want all the phones to ring no matter what the time is(I can set up a different hunt group if needed). In any case I want messages left in one MB.

How can I do this?


You mentioned the Static Registration. I tried looking at Registration for an acount but didn't see how to enter the SIP information. I tried searching the WIKI site with no luck.


Thanks for your help and sorry about all of these basic questions. I will better understand the more I use the product.



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I think the best way to deal with this is to have a "personal hunt group" that is sitting in front of the extension. The only member in this hunt group is your personal extension. There you can define that you can send calls after hours directly to your voicemail (e.g. 8123 is you personal extension is 123 and the domain direct mailbox prefix is 8). People would call that hunt group from the auto attendant.

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